MIDI Listening Room

Here, you can listen MIDI musics I made. These are popular songs by a famous Japanese rock group called "Southern All Stars". You can find their home page at the link list of this home page.
You need a sound card such like Sound Blaster or it's compatible cards to listen these musics. You can have better quality of sound with MIDI sound source than FM sound source. All these sound files can be downloaded at the ftp site of this home page.Have a fun !!

"Desperado (Eagles) with voice" was added on 8th Dec. 2006.

Desperado (SB Live) (mp3 version) (With vocal)
Tabibitoyo (Vocal)
Sonna Hiroshini Damasarete (Roland SC-88 Pro) (mp3 version)
Aino kotodama (SB AWE32) (mp3 version)
Taiyowa tsumina yatsu (SB AWE32) (mp3 version)
Manatsuno kajitu (SB AWE32)
Melody (SB AWE32) (mp3 version)
Minnano uta (Roland SC-88 Pro)
Erotica seven (Roland SC-88 Pro)
yaya (SB AWE32) (mp3 version)
Miss Brand's new day (SB AWE32)
Chakono kaigan monogatari (SB AWE32)
Namidano kiss (SB AWE32) (mp3 version)(Vocal)
Umi (SB AWE32)

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