Measurement of Neutron Energy and Flux of KIGAM's Neutron Facility

G.D.Kim, T.K.Yang, J.K.KIM, Y.S.Kim, W.Hong, H.J.Woo, H.W.Choi and J.H.Chang a
Korea Instituye of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
a Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Set up of the facility for fast neutron was performed by the Korea Institutes of Geology, Mining and Materials to support the national nuclear development program. Neutron energy of this facility was measured with the resonances of neutron total reaction cross sections to be well known. The energies of the produced neutrons are convinced of being 1.67 MeV and 2.08 MeV. Also the neutron energy spread of both are within 2%. Neutron flux was obtained by neutron activation method. The neutron flux is about 107 neutrons/sec with 10 % and 3 % standard error at neutron energies of 1.3 MeV and 2.08 MeV respectively and at distance of 71 cm from TiT target to Au sample. The component analysis of neutron target, such as TiT, was performed by Rutherford backscattering and elastic recoil detection. Also the total cross section of Au was obtained with measuring the translation neutron flux. Our data has a 5% difference when comparing with data of ENDF

3rd workshop for nuclear data production and evaluation, 25, Aug. 2000, Pohang Univ., Pohang

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