Characteristic Analysis for a TiT Target Using Nuclear Reactions

G.D. Kim, T.K. Yang, J.K. Kim, Y.S. Kim, W. Hong, H.W. Choi, H.J. Woo, and J.H. Chang a

Korea Institute of Geology, Mining & Materials (KIGAM), Yusung-Ku Kajeong-dong, Taejeon, 305-350, Korea
a Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon, 305-600


It is found that the 3T(p,n)3He reaction changes the concentration profile of a TiT thin film, which is a MeV neutron target, owing to proton irradiation of a few coulomb. The concentrations in the TiT thin film, including the areal densities of Ti and T, were estimated by using several analytical methods, such as He Rutherford backscattering, proton Rutherford backscattering, and elastic recoil detection time of flight, and by measuring total neutron cross-sections of 12C and 16O before and after 3T(p,n)3He reaction. The respective areal densities of T and Ti in the TiT thin film were 3.8 x 1018 particles/cm2 and 1.3 x 1019 particles/cm2 after several 3T(p,n)3He reactions, and these values, which were obtained by several analytical methods, coincided within 5%. These results were compared with the data provided by the target-producing company. J. Kor. Phys. Soc., 38, 4(2001)299

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