Extremely fast decay component of UV luminescence from 2-MeV/amu ion irradiated alumina

Kazuie Kimura 1, Wan Hong 2, Junichi Kaneko 3 and Noriaki Itoh 4

1) The Institute Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN), Hirosawa 2-1, Wako, Saitama 351, Japan
2) Korea Institute of Geology Mining and Materials, Taejon 305-350, Korea
3) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(JAERI), Sirakawa 2-4, Tokai, Ibaragi 319-11, Japan
4) Osaka Institute of Technology, Kitayama 1-79-1, Hirakata 573-01, Japan


Luminescence spectra and their decay curves are measured for alpha-alumina irradiated by various ions and at various temperatures. The luminescence spectra show several bands in addition to the 3.8-eV band being well-known electron and photon irradiation. The decay curves and time-resolved spectra show enhanced decay of the 3.8-eV band and a new extremely fast decay component at about 400 nm which has a half lifetime of 100 ps or less.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods B141(1998)425

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